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5 Ways BigRep is Transforming the Automotive Industry

The EXBuild Team on Feb 27, 2024 11:30:00 AM


In the ever-evolving automotive industry, the race to innovate has never been more critical. Among the tools driving this innovation forward, BigRep 3D printers have emerged as game-changers, offering unmatched capabilities in design, prototyping and production. Let's explore some real-world examples of how BigRep 3D printers are transforming the automotive landscape.

1) Rapid Prototyping: Accelerating Design Iterations

When it comes to designing the cars of the future, speed and flexibility are paramount. BigRep 3D printers have become indispensable in the rapid prototyping process, allowing automotive engineers to iterate designs quickly and efficiently. One prime example comes from Volkswagen Autoeuropa, where BigRep's large-format printers are used to produce full-scale prototypes of vehicle components. By 3D printing prototypes in-house, Volkswagen has slashed lead times and costs while gaining the agility to explore innovative design concepts.

BigRep automotive industry

2) Functional End-Use Parts: From Prototype to Production

BigRep's commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing extends to the production of functional end-use parts. One notable example is BMW, which has integrated BigRep printers into its production workflow to manufacture custom tooling and fixtures. By 3D printing lightweight, high-strength parts on-demand, BMW has improved manufacturing efficiency and flexibility while reducing the time and resources required for traditional machining methods.

BigRep automotive industry

3) Customization and Personalization: Tailoring Vehicles to Individual Tastes

In an era of mass customization, BigRep 3D printers offer automotive manufacturers the ability to create bespoke, personalized vehicles at scale. AVI Boston is a shining example of this trend, utilizing BigRep printers to produce custom components for their auto interiors. From custom interior panels and speaker covers to specialized toolings and molds , AVI Boston leverages the design freedom of 3D printing to optimize performance and tailor vehicles to the unique preferences of customers.

BigRep automotive industry

There’s also Paravan GmbH, who’s incorporated large-format 3D printing as a crucial part of their shift towards Industry 4.0. Paravan has been a leading international provider of vehicle adaptations for people with disability or special needs since 2005, as part of a wider mobility concept based around modifying vehicles, cartridge lifts and ramp systems. In addition to saving 75% on production costs, Paravan is also producing its prototypes almost 50% faster with 3D printing than with traditional methods

BigRep automotive industry

4) Tooling and Jigs: Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

Streamlining manufacturing processes is another area where BigRep 3D printers excel. Ford Motor Company has embraced additive manufacturing with BigRep printers to produce tooling and jigs for assembly line operations. By 3D printing lightweight, durable fixtures on-demand, Ford has reduced lead times and costs while improving ergonomics and quality control on the factory floor.

5) Sustainable Solutions: Reducing Environmental Footprint

In addition to driving efficiency and innovation, BigRep 3D printers are also contributing to sustainability efforts within the automotive industry. NOWLAB, BigRep’s recently acquired  innovation consultancy,has been a pioneer in vehicle manufacturing, Tasked with producing a  lightweight, eco-friendly vehicle using BigRep printers. By harnessing the power of additive manufacturing, NOWLAB aims to revolutionize the way cars are designed, produced, and recycled, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


As these real-world examples demonstrate, BigRep 3D printers are reshaping the automotive industry by offering unmatched capabilities in design, prototyping, production and customization. From accelerating design iterations to revolutionizing manufacturing processes, BigRep's commitment to innovation is driving the automotive industry forward. As automotive manufacturers continue to embrace additive manufacturing technologies, the possibilities for innovation and collaboration with BigRep printers are limitless, promising a future where cars are smarter, safer and more sustainable than ever before.

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