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How Much Material is Left on the Spool? (Part 1)

Kevin Bork on Jan 11, 2022 11:30:00 AM


One of the questions we receive from customers all the time is how to calculate how many CC's of material are left on the spool. Now there are a number of different ways to calculate this number, today we are going to go over a quick method that requires a scale and a little bit of math.


Step 1: To start, weigh the partial spool of Onyx with your scale in grams. Let's say it comes out to 900 grams.

How Much Material is Left on the Spool?

Step 2: Take the 900 grams and subtract 330 (the weight of the empty spool. This should leave you with 570 grams of material left on the spool.

Step 3: Take that 570 grams of material and divide it by .847 (constant I determined myself), this leaves you with a result of 482 CC's of material left on the partial spool. 

Step 4: Finally review the Part Details in Eiger of the part you want to print. If that number is smaller than the total material left on the spool (ex. 482), you are safe to print your part. 

How Much Material is Left on the Spool?

And that's it! In our next blog post we will go over how to calculate the same thing without a have a scale on hand. If you have any questions we can help out with, make sure to reach out the EXBuild team

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